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The importance of mental conditioning

Most people think that sports and performance are about your physical condition but in fact it is mostly about being in the right mindset. During the physical preparation to train for a competition or to reach a personal goal, most athletes will go through a lot of...

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Rent me !

Surprise your guests by pushing through Spinbreak’s doors and welcoming them into a beautiful and unique space in the centre of Bordeaux. Located only a few meters from “Jardin Public” you will find an elegant, harmonious and energising studio offering you a bright,...

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Why Indoor Cycling rocks ?

A motivated and entertaining coach changes everything! Enough with boring sports sessions! 2. Playlists will make you sing and dance on your bike!  3. You are surrounded by an awesome community! 4. You’re done with basic cardio equipment; it’s time for your favorite...

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Does Indoor Cycling create fat thighs ?

What exactly is “bulk” ? Basically, it’s adding a lot of muscle mass to your body. Bulking up is something that needs to be trained for – you must have the goal of major muscle growth in mind. It’s a form of exercise that anyone can do, since indoor cycling is a...

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6 best foods before your spin class

Food is fuel that’s why it’s vital for you to make the most of your workout at Spinbreak. But what are the best snacks to have before your class? Carbohydrates are what the body needs to fuel your muscles to perform. Carbs will keep you going like a pro through every...

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Our favorite snack pre & post-workout !

Its not always easy to eat well before a workout. If you arrive at the studio on an empty stomach, you won't have the energy to make the most of your indoor cycling or pilates session. But fear not! We have you covered... You will discover the amazing energy bars from...

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