Meet Geraldine

Meet Geraldine

What is your favourite breakfast?

In the morning I like to start my day with a little de gourmand like honey pancakes with skyr mix blueberries and shredded coconut. Something to keep me well chilled until the next meal 😉!


Any advice on how to stay motivated?

On a day when I don’t feel motivated to train or coach, I avoid overthinking and just go for it. When I have (unpleasant) tasks to do, I start them right away, so I don’t procrastinate by putting myself in front of Netflix for example.


Your favourite exercises?

Joker, there are way too many! I like to vary my workouts by combining several activities and methods (Pilates, stretching, strength training, yoga…). I don’t think I can choose what I like best; in my opinion, everything compliments each other and the best way to workout is to listen to yourself and do what you like best 😉


The best thing to do after a session is…

First, it’s essential to take a moment to calm down and get your energy down. Then, I would say take a nice shower and enjoy a good meal to get going again afterward 🙂


The phrase that inspires you the most.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi


Spinning Essentials

Spinning Essentials

1.  Spinning Shoes

  Don’t panic! We have lovely Shimano cycling shoes for you to borrow for each class. You can also buy your own lovely pair in our shop- we provide the SPD clips with each pair you buy. Why do we cycle with SPD clips? A couple of great reasons: firstly, being clipped in to the pedal helps you maintain your leg and knee at the perfect angle, so it helps prevent injury, while properly building up the muscle around your joint. And secondly, it helps you think of one less thing while you are drifting off to the beat of the music. Being clipped in allows you to push and pull on each pedal stroke, and it very quickly becomes an automatic movement.

2. Water Bottles

To stay hydrated, we have opted to stay away from plastics. We provide aluminum water bottles, which are ready and waiting for you at the beginning of each class. Our staff make sure they are cleaned and disinfected after each use; and will be filled with fresh water just before the class starts. Staying properly hydrated is an essential part of your indoor cycling experience. It allows your body to replace the sweat it loses during the session, and helps with the detoxification that takes place after your muscles break down during the workout phase.

3. Your Outfit

For an indoor cycling session, you have to feel comfortable. Chose an outfit in which you feel good and not too hot. Try to use sweat-resistant workout clothes, as these are developed to eliminate heat and moisture created by the body during the workout phase. We sell lovely t-shirts, bras and tank tops at the studio- don’t hesitate to come check them out!

4. Towels

Before starting your class, grab a nice fresh towel that is waiting for you by the entrance to the cycling room. If you are staying for a shower afterwards, we also provide larger ones in the changing rooms.

5. Energy Bars

To make the most out of your Spinbreak session, it is really important to have eaten something in order to have energy during your workout. Don’t forget that you can burn an average of 600 calories- so to optimise this burn, you should be prepared before you workout.

We know it is hard to find a good source of protein and carbs before a session. Look no more! In our travels, we discovered an amazing small local producer in Crete, Greece who makes bio, raw, vegan, natural bars made with honey, chocolate, almond, cranberries, peanuts… try the different flavours, we know you’re going to love them!

6. Bring your smile and your good mood

We are here to sweat, to burn calories, to decompress; and we are also here to have a great time together. Our main goal at Spinbreak is to help you unwind, pedal your stress away and have fun with other wonderful Spinbreakers. Come and enjoy the space!

Rent me !

Rent me !

Surprise your guests by pushing through Spinbreak’s doors and welcoming them into a beautiful and unique space in the centre of Bordeaux.

Located only a few meters from “Jardin Public” you will find an elegant, harmonious and energising studio offering you a bright, air conditioned 22m2 room for workshops/meetings/workouts. It overlooks a beautiful and peaceful 50m2 terrace which is available to unwind/relax.

You can rent the space for many activities: business meetings, coaching sessions, cocktails, team buildings, privates sales, workshops… you decide!

It is available for rent by the hour, the day or part of day: morning/afternoon/evening.

Contact us to reserve, or to have more information :

Mail :

Phone Number : 06 20 84 93 67

Our Indoor Cycling ‘Refer a friend’ program… #Spinbreaklove !

Our Indoor Cycling ‘Refer a friend’ program… #Spinbreaklove !

Here is everything you need to know about our Indoor Cycling referral program. Most of Spinbreak’s members came to spin with us for the first time because a friend suggested they try it out. We are so grateful for the support in building the Spinbreak community, and for sharing #Spinbreaklove, that we have created a referral program so that everyone can enjoy a few extra classes!
Here is how the program works: The following are free credits offered when a new member buys a pack for the first time:
  • 1 free credit for you for referring your friend if they buy the 3-class Welcome Pack
  • 2 free credits for each of you if they buy the 10-class Pack
  • 3 free credits for each of you if they buy the 20-class Pack
  • 4 free credits for each of you if they buy the 30-class Pack
*cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions.
• Are referral credits added automatically? No! This is why it is important for you to let us know about your referral (via email or at reception). • How long are these credits valid for? They last for 1 year. • Can I refer more than one person? Of course! As many as you want ! Riding with friends is even more fu, so don’t hesitate to invite away! • Can anyone refer? You just need to be an active member of Spinbreak- in other words: you should have an active credit on your account at the time of your referral.
Spinbreak’s: No To Plastics!

Spinbreak’s: No To Plastics!

To help promote our endeavours to reduce the use of plastics at the studio, we have replaced the plastic water bottles we offered with high quality, reusable (and very stylish!) aluminium ones.

With more than 20 classes a week, and more than 1 bottle of water offered during each session, it meant we were recycling a lot of plastic each week. Thats why we decided to provide these new aluminium ones to our members during each workout session.

If you prefer to have your own, they are for sale at the reception desk for €15- in a chic black or white colour combination.