Experience Indoor Cycling like nowhere else…

Discover a very special spinning journey at Spinbreak Studio, Bordeaux’s sanctuary for fitness enthusiasts who seek more than just a workout. Immerse yourself in sessions that not only challenge every muscle but do so in an engaging, exhilarating, and deeply satisfying way.




Dive into our signature Spinbreak session designed for total release and comprehensive body engagement.

Lose yourself to the beat, burn 600+ calories with zero stiffness, and leave feeling invigorated and alive.

Reach new peaks in your fitness journey with classes that last between 40 – 49 minutes.


Extend your limits with longer holds and deeper movement explorations in this session. Let the rhythm guide you to a place of total escape, where time dissolves. Perfect for those who crave a profound connection to their workout, these sessions range from 43 to 60 minutes.


Step up the intensity with our Power Mix, designed for those who thrive on energy and motivation. Every muscle is activated, every beat a call to push further.

Ideal for experienced Spinbreakers only.

Each session creates between 49 and 55 minutes of transformative cycling.


Axel au Spinbreak Studio

Challenge your limits with our premium interval training class. Enter a thrilling mix of rave and pop sounds that propel you out of your comfort zone.

Tailored for seasoned Spinbreakers, this 43 to 47-minute session is your perfect challenge to mind and body.


More on the soft side of cardio, we use light dumbbells during the class to enhance your workout, adding a gentle focus on arms and shoulders.

Perfect for all fitness levels, these sessions encourage balance and strength, offering a softer approach to getting back in shape within 40 to 45 minutes.



Ideal for beginners or those returning to fitness, the Soft session offers an inviting introduction to indoor cycling.

Accessible, enjoyable, and less intensive, each 40 to 45-minute session is a step towards your wellness goals.








For those with unpredictable schedules or preferences for quieter times, Spinbreak VOD is your gateway to flexible fitness. Engage with our coaches virtually, in sessions filmed live from our studio, and experience the energy of Spinbreak at anytime!

Why try it?

Do you have an irregular schedule, a break during your day, or a day off during the week? Or you simply prefer to do your session when it’s less busy? Here’s your solution!
Come pedal whenever it suits you, alone or in a small group, and enjoy the Spinbreak VOD experience!

With dimmed lights and music at full blast, our coaches will keep you moving to the rhythm!

Let’s go!

VOD, Spin at a Reduced Price!

Specific credits are allocated for VOD. Our session packs à la carte, valid for all our activities, are also available for our VOD classes.


All the usual services are guaranteed:

  • Bike adjustment
  • Shoes
  • Towels (for the session and shower)
  • Water bottle
  • Locker
  • Access to showers and beauty products
Benefits of the VOD
  • Come and ride at any time of the day
  • No minimum number of participants required
  • Schedule slots according to your availability
  • Continuation of our usual services
  • Guaranteed Spinbreak quality!

Waiting List?

A reminder of how it works


If a session is already full, click on “Sign Up for the Waiting List.” Once registered, you will be notified by email and/or SMS if a spot becomes available.



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