Our Indoor Cycling ‘Refer a friend’ program… #Spinbreaklove !

Here is everything you need to know about our Indoor Cycling referral program. Most of Spinbreak’s members came to spin with us for the first time because a friend suggested they try it out. We are so grateful for the support in building the Spinbreak community, and for sharing #Spinbreaklove, that we have created a referral program so that everyone can enjoy a few extra classes!
Here is how the program works: The following are free credits offered when a new member buys a pack for the first time:
  • 1 free credit for you for referring your friend if they buy the 3-class Welcome Pack
  • 2 free credits for each of you if they buy the 10-class Pack
  • 3 free credits for each of you if they buy the 20-class Pack
  • 4 free credits for each of you if they buy the 30-class Pack
*cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions.
• Are referral credits added automatically? No! This is why it is important for you to let us know about your referral (via email or at reception). • How long are these credits valid for? They last for 1 year. • Can I refer more than one person? Of course! As many as you want ! Riding with friends is even more fu, so don’t hesitate to invite away! • Can anyone refer? You just need to be an active member of Spinbreak- in other words: you should have an active credit on your account at the time of your referral.