Exercising when pregnant? It’s possible !

Femme enceinte en train de s'Ă©tirer.

Doing sports when you are pregnant? It is possible! More than possible, it is even essential! As we all know, pregnancy for a woman is not necessarily the easiest time to live both physically and mentally. But what better way to remedy this than through sport?   You probably ask yourself questions like “Isn’t it dangerous for the baby?” or “Will I have enough physical resources to make it? And this is quite normal, every pregnant woman faces at one time or another doubts or fears about this pregnancy situation, whether she is more or less mentally prepared for the event.   Through this article, the Spinbreak team will share with you the 3 guidelines to adopt in order to combine pregnancy and sport without apprehension!

I. Choose the right sport First of all, it is important not to do any sport in any way. A sport that is not adapted or of too high an intensity could be bad for the health of the mother-to-be. First of all, bad news for those who love sliding sports or combat sports, and all sports involving risks of falls or all kinds of impacts on the belly are obviously to be banned from the start! Other activities that should not be practiced during pregnancy are those that involve carrying heavy loads or so-called extreme activities such as diving or skydiving.   So what activities are recommended?

Swimming is the most recommended sport for pregnant women. The idea is obviously not to beat a speed record, but swimming or simply walking in the water has important benefits on the morale of the pregnant woman who will come out relaxed and relieved. This practice is also recommended for its draining benefits and to relieve back pain. Walking, yoga, pilates, or gentle gymnastics are also practices that respect the body and are therefore healthy for a pregnant woman. Cycling (only indoors to avoid the risk of falling) is also a good way to get in shape because of its draining and euphoric effect.

II. Forget about the performance aspect For those who are used to intensive sports sessions and the most competitive among us, this is perhaps the most difficult point to accept… But life is like that and we can’t change it, being in the expectation of a happy event necessarily implies a good number of physiological changes and therefore a decrease in physical and sports capacities. During this period of pregnancy, your body is not at its maximum capacity, which is why it is important to also adapt the intensity of your sports activities. Never exceed the limits set by your body, never go to the point of being out of breath. An important point of reference is that you must always be able to talk during the whole session. Spinbreak offers a range of indoor cycling sessions of different intensities.

The lift cycling and endurance sessions are particularly well suited for expectant mothers. But whatever the session, it is up to you to gauge the intensity. The practice of sports during pregnancy is not based on achievement but essentially on well-being! Keeping in shape, relaxing, thinking about something other than the approaching baby, doing something good for your morale, that’s the idea!   III. Think about yourself! In this particular period, that’s the most complicated, think about yourself from time to time! And not permanently to the future baby. As explained in the previous points, it is important to get used to the idea that practicing a sport activity during pregnancy, if it is well adapted to your current physical capacities and respectful of your body as a pregnant woman, will not be in any case harmful for the fetus.

We all know that deep feeling of well-being felt after a good sports session. So imagine what this feeling could be like when you are pregnant. Don’t you want to spend a beautiful and relaxing night in a deep sleep? Even better! Imagine your hot bath at the end the day! Wouldn’t it be even more pleasant than it already is after a good workout?   So ladies, now that all this information is in your hands, don’t hesitate! Sandrine, our founder of Spinbreak, mother of two beautiful children, would be delighted to share her experience with you! Enjoy it!