Le spin au féminin

Most people think that sports and performance are about your physical condition but in fact it is mostly about being in the right mindset.

During the physical preparation to train for a competition or to reach a personal goal, most athletes will go through a lot of stress- which they will feel it both in their bodies and their minds.

It feels like a real pressure and they will go through many different mindsets while they try to stay motivated and focused on their objectives. Staying strong at this point is the key to success- no matter how unattainable your objectives will sometimes feel, pushing through this barrier will make your success stronger, greater and sweeter.

You should not underestimate the power and conviction of your mind. When we face an obstacle, most people will automatically tend towards thinking: « this is too hard for me » or « I can’t do it » This is just a mindset. We can trace it back to early childhood when we are told by the world around us that « No, you can’t do that”, or « No, it’s too hard » etc… We learn to limit our coping mechanisms. Only very few people grow up with a positive reinforcement, like “Yes! Go ahead and try it”, or ‘You’ve got this, I know you can do it”.

This is the core of Spinbreak: “You have definitely got this!”

Of course, during your first class, you will probably think « This is really hard, I’m not used to this » but with the cheering of the instructors, the group, and the motivating playlists, you surpass yourself and finish your first class. What happens next? You are intrigued because you pushed passed your comfort zone, and it felt GOOD!

You are, rightly, proud of yourself. But can you get this feeling again? You try it a second time, and since you know what to expect, you enjoy yourself so much more- and your coach can help to push your limits a little bit more. A third time is followed by many more and you quickly want this feeling as an integral part of your week.

Spinbreak is not just about the endorphins or the fun and relaxed physical fitness, it is also about the positivity and motivations the coaches give you that help you push passed your comfort zone. Whatever your objectives are (better fitness, more toned body, a way to release your stress/energy, training for a sports competition…) your coaches will help you get there!

As we say to every person before they try a class for the first time… you really have to experience it to understand it. And trust us, you will never look back again!