Le spin au féminin

Do you want to run faster, further, and more safely? Mix up your training routine!

Muscles get bored with routine exercises, so it’s a good idea to introduce new trainings… And you can’t get much better than an indoor cycling class at Spinbreak Studio ☺

But don’t take out word for it… Let us show you why!

The longer you run, the more kilometers your cover. That is, of course, the objective of anyone training. But the more you run, the more you increase your risk of injury.

Why? Running is a very high impact sport: every time your feet hit the floor your joints take a force that is three times your body weight. So, for your long term health, it is a good idea to complement your training with a low impact sport that will give your joints a break from the wear and tear, whilst helping you reach your primary objectives: beat your own time!

Indoor cycling (known as spinning, RPM, biking) is a no-impact sport, which makes it the perfect cross-training activity to help you improve your running performance.

1. It is pure interval training

You are doing a big variety of moves and sequences in each class: you climb hills, do sprints and down-hills, you do long & fast sequences followed by short bursts of speed, all with different levels of resistance; and all are cleverly mixed in with recovery periods to make sure your body gets an optimum workout.

2. It’s an excellent form of active recovery

When you are training for the marathon, its essential to manage your recovery period. It is not so easy to motivate yourself to run again the day after your big session. A spinning class however is an easier and fun way to get your legs moving again to flush out the lactate build up, increase the blood flow and reduce any muscle stiffness that you may be experiencing. You will be back on the running path in better shape.

3. You strengthen complimentary muscles

If you are only running, you are training your muscles to only do that one activity. However, muscles need dynamic activity. So even though they will become stronger initially, they will certainly plateau as they get used to repetitive actions.

When you introduce cycling, you use muscles in your legs and your core that compliment your running muscles, but in combination, will make you stronger, faster and more efficient.

4. You improve your foot cadence

Your foot cadence measures how many times your foot touches the ground in one minute. The less it touches, the longer your stride and the less stress you are placing on your body. It is in your interests to improve your cadence, which is hard to do without specific training. The best marathon runners in the world run 180 steps per minute.

The pedal stroke (RPM) you make on a bike is very similar in motion, and is a great way to improve your foot cadence: use the rhythm of the music in the class and continually increase the level of resistance you are using (by small increments each time!).

5. Your body will thank you: specially your knees, hips and ankles!

As a runner, your body takes a pounding each time your foot hits the ground! Spinning gives you a great workout without the constant impact you get on a run- and therefore you won’t need the impact recovery time after your session.

6. Mind over body

As athletes, you know how important mental strength is. In fact, races are won and lost based on the strength of your mind! Another of the wonders of spinning is that it helps develop your athletic mindset.

How? You are in a predictable environment. You don’t have the mental concerns of the road, or hazards, or environmental issues. So this allows you to relax into a meditative and focused state of mind- despite the physical challenge.

The beauty of an indoor cycling class is that you take it at your own pace: you set your objectives and if you want an insane workout, simply increase the level of resistance!

Be warned though: you are first a runner. Spend too much time on the spin bike, and you may end up wanting to become a triathlon competitor instead 😉

With the Bordeaux Marathon coming up soon, we have clients asking for special training sessions. Spinbreak’s master Coach has developed a very special Marathon class to help build up your endurance and fitness levels to have a wonderful run. Come and try it out…. you have nothing to lose (except for maybe that last bit of fat!!).

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