Mind et Motivation

To do : Remove an old habit, and start a new one.

Old habits are not automatically worth continuing. This challenge is a good chance to find one habit you would be happy to stop.

Stopping something you are used to doing can be difficult. This is why, at the same time, it is great to start a new habit to replace it. Its worth knowing that new habits bring new energy, new friends, and new ways of thinking and reacting.

So with that in mind, think “Objective Happiness”. What is an old habit you want to say goodbye to ? What will you replace it with ?

We know some of our members are giving up smoking at the moment. Bravo! What is helping them ? Seeing the progress they are making when they come cycling. Better cardio, better breathing, better mood ; less conscious of eating more… There are lots of benefits ! The results of your new habit will help you crack the dependency you have on your old one… Give it a try!

If we can help your motivation levels, let us know.  We are all sharing the same objective, and a road travelled together is always more fun !

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