Mind et Motivation

Music has an immense power over our emotions : it reminds us of memories, it can make us laugh and cry…

When it comes to sport, it plays a very important role: it motivates us, and helps push us passed our limits to become HAPPY during our physical efforts.

How does music make us happy? It is simple! It creates waves of energy which releases endorphins in our brain.

On top of that, when we are in the spin room, we can sing to our hearts content ( even if we get it wrong, no one can hear us…so next time let go and enjoy it! )

The neuroscience behind music has shown us that when we sing, the neurotransmitters connect in a different way: the right part of our brain activates and starts emitting endorphins. Singing in a group dynamic amplifies this result, and as an added bonus helps us reduce anxiety and stress.

Yet another reason to let go and enjoy the benefits of both music and spinning!

So… Objective #2 : listen to music (turn the sound UP!), sing (loudly!) and enjoy the sport!!

For more information on the importance of music during a spinning session, read our blog post on how Sandrine puts together the amazing playlists we all enjoy so much!

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