Burnt calories and benefits through the day.

We are regularly asked about how much calories we loose during an indoor cycling session. Even thought the answer is quite impressive (between 500 et 800 calories), how can you know if you’re closer from 500 or 800 and also why is the such a gap between the results ?

Well, it depends on several factors such as your hearth rate will resting, your weight, your metabolism and the duration and the type of session you’re following. But what it really means is that everyone is different and it mostly depends on your personnal effort during the workout.

If you give 85/95% of yourself, you can burn up to 600 or 700 calories during a session. But you have work hard for it which means putting enough resistance.

However, the amount of calories you burn shouldn’t be your main concern. If you follow the coachs’ advices a mecanism in your body will start after the workout. It is called « Excessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption » or EPOC.

EPOC just means our body requires more oxygene than it usually does in a normal day. As a consequence, our metabolism goes faster and this is when real results appear.

So, even if you « only » burnt 400 calories during the session, this number can easily double during the day. So if you keep following the coachs’ advices results will appear for sure.

Indoor Cycling stays one of the funiest and the most effective methods. The benefits of indoor cycling don’t only depends on the number of calories you burn. The well being feeling after the workout, the mental and physical strenght you build and the energy you’re filled up with when you leave are the most important benefits.