Benefits of practicing sport regularly !

When we start on our goal of getting healthy, its great to create a regular time to do sport. It’s like a date with your body: you know you are going to do it each week at a certain time. Regularity helps build healthy routines.

Benefits of practicing regularly:

When you start practicing Indoor Cycling, you start feeling a lot of positive changes. One of the first is a better sleep, happier mood and a more focused mind. But this is just the beginning!

How often and for what results?

If you’re not used to exercising, you should start by creating the time/space to practice once a week. After a few days you will notice that you start feeling better. Your cardio and your mood will both get better.

When you have established your routine, and you start seeing your results, add an extra workout to your week. As soon as you do this, the benefits will multiply exponentially. You will see changes upon your body, your motivation and your health. At 3 workouts per week, you won’t recognize yourself! There’s a reason why successful professionals include daily workouts into their routines; the results on the body, mind and productivity speak for themselves!

Benefits on your Mind:

Have a mental clear out! Sport helps you create a space where you get away from the day-to-day stresses and pressures. By focusing on the effort, you are get out of the mental, which gives you a much needed break, and provides time to replenish and get creative.

In addition, group fitness classes like indoor cycling, helps build your self-confidence and enjoyment of the group social environment. It clearly works in Spinbreak classes! There is a fantastic energy when everyone is pedaling on the rhythm to fun music, fully in the physical effort, releasing a whoop and a shout when you are pushing yourself through an effort.

Next time, try it yourself! Don’t be shy, your coaches will join in with you too !

Benefits on your health:

The power of regular indoor cycling is most visible in the long-term.

Besides not having impact on your joints, indoor cycling increases your bone resistance and helps preventing diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. You also greatly develop your lung capacity, and your cardio levels will keep improving- to the point where effort and recovery are fully under your control.

As a result you will enjoy Spinbreak even more as you will be able to focus on and enjoy the music !

To summarise :

Exercising on a daily basis brings some kind of ritual to your life and makes it easier to modify your habits, your body and your mind. Spinbreak also offers you the opportunity to combine work and sport. After a session with us, you’ll go back to work FULL of energy!

No excuses, improve your routine and start your change now!