Mind et Motivation

Indoor cycling is one the best sports you can think of !

I swear, we don’t say this because we love our sport. Indoor cycling is extremely complete. It allows you to work on your muscles and your cardio at the same time without impacting your joints.

The benefits of coming at Spinbreak is that whenever you pass the door of the studio, you can stop thinking and just relax. Classes are great fun and the studio is luxurious, chic, calm and very clean. We will also supply you with water bottles and towels. You can manage your own schedule thanks to the app which will make you save a lot of time. Wheter it is summer or winter, it is easy to come, install yourself in the air conditionned room and enjoy your workout and the music.

That’s why for us, indoor cycling is the perfect sport. You only depend on you will !

However, when you start a new sport, there are a few things you need to know before getting started. So just for you, here is our top of the things you need to know before starting the Spinbreak adventure !

  1. Picking your seat :

Newbies are going to run to the last row of the bikes, but this is not a great way to tackle indoor cycling. Sessions after sessions,you’ll start to have a favorite bike ! You should be reserving a bike in the first row, where you can see your instructor. This way, he can advise if you are not moving right and you can get more motivation from his pace.

2. Learning Spinbreak’s lingo :

Break it down, left right in 2, in 4, around the world, super slow… Damn what are those ?

Theses are the position’s names and trust us, after your first workout it will become your second native language !

3. Getting used to clipping and uncliping :

When you are cycling, clipping in helps you focus more on the pull, because your feet stay in place as you cycle. To clip the special cycling shoes we lend you at the studio, just clip one foot at a time, by putting the toes in a downward angle on the pedal, then pushing the foot until you hear the shoe is locked in.

4. Getting used to pull with your feet :

Most cyclists focus on pushing the pedal, but the real work is done when you are pulling up, because this is when you are building momentum and increase your RPM. Concentrate on the upstroke, for a more effective cycling session.

5. It’s all about yourself, just don’t forget to be happy !

The best thing about cycling classes is it’s all about yourself. As soon as the lights dim and the music turns on, you are alone with your bike. Focus on yourself and allow your mind to empty, as you follow the rhythm of the music. You can even close your eyes and pedal, listening to the instructor and the music.

Depending on your mood, you’ll have different objectives. Maybe you just want to relax from your busy day and let yourself go on the music, maybe you want to push your boundaries and increase your stamina, maybe you want to sweat through a decision you have to take… Everytime you come to Spinbreak you’ll be able to choose why you’re pedaling and why you’re giving it all during the sessionn !