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Spinbreak is the most innovative indoor cycling studio in Bordeaux – and France! We use special spinning bikes with a unique technology that allows you to tilt from side-to-side, which offers a more complete and effective full-body workout. Classes are adapted to all levels. Our experienced coaches create a fun & engaging atmosphere that helps you reach your fitness goals in no time!
Come for a test session and find out why our method will totally transform your concept of indoor cycling – and cardio fitness!

How we move

Indoor cycling becomes more fun, engaging and natural thanks to the innovative Balance Core technology on our RealRyder spin bikes. By being able to lean from side to side, it empowers a more complete full-body workout as it naturally engages the abdominal belt and arms – much more than on a conventional bike. The movements and flow you can achieve on this bike MUST be experienced!


At Spinbreak Studio, we’ve designed our space to provide the comfort and convenience you want for a successful indoor cycling workout.

Our priority is to provide you with a top-quality experience, which is why we have also taken care of all the details for you to get the most out of your spinning class: the showers are fully equipped with towels, hair dryers, soaps etc. We also provide you with spinning shoes and water bottles so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

The “Spinroom”, where the magic happens, is a low-light, immersive environment, which we have deliberately kept to 10 bikes to help foster the benefits and warmth of a small group workout.


What is indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling is a method of training on an indoor bike. The session is set to music and the positions on the bike vary to work a maximum of muscles.

What are the benefits of indoor cycling?

The benefits are numerous. On a physical level, indoor cycling uses a large number of muscles throughout the body and your cardio will greatly improve. On a psychological level, regular practice allows you to evacuate tension and be more relaxed in your daily life.

Which muscles are working during an indoor cycling session?

The muscles most used are those of the legs and the abdominal muscles. Indoor cycling also works the upper body by varying the different positions.

Can I lose weight with indoor cycling?

Indoor cycling is a great way to lose weight. One session loses about 600 calories in 45 minutes. Beyond weight loss, indoor cycling refines your silhouette.

Can I do indoor cycling after an injury?

It depends on the injuries. It is mandatory to have your doctor’s approval to practice. However, indoor cycling is perfect for people recovering from an injury because there is no impact and you are working off-load. It is ideal for recovery and for strengthening knees and ankles.

Is indoor cycling compatible with pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, ask your doctor for advice. Indoor cycling is perfectly feasible for pregnant women. During the session, the coach will give you special attention.

What frequency for an effective result?

Depending on your goals, the frequency will vary. Discuss it with your coach.

What is the difference between RPM and indoor cycling?

Music has a more important place in indoor cycling than in RPM. At Spinbreak the practice is based on the rhythm of the music and is differentiated by the more varied movements.

Clémentine Guigner
Une équipe et des coach très bienveillants, je suis très contente d'avoir poussé votre porte et de me vider la tête pendant les séances ! Merci ! Mention spéciale aux playlists plus que motivantes et rythmées
Lydia Cazade
Une expérience 5 étoiles, un studio superbe, des coachs et des cours vitaminés ! Je recommande fortement Spinbreak
Carolina Cuturi
Spinbreak … c est mon refuge ! Je puise mon énergie , je vide mon stress et je partage un moment de bonheur avec des membres super sympas et une équipe bienveillante , compétente ! Des séances de folie !!! Adaptées à chacun et super variées !! LE TOP ! LE MEILLEUR STUDIO DE BIKE DE BORDEAUX
alice romano
Je recommande Spinbreak studio à 💯. Les cours sont tops avec une énergie dingue ! Les coachs très pros et à l’écoute. Tout est fait et organisé pour que l’on se sente bien 🤩
Francois GARCIA
En 1 heure, vous faites 3 tours du monde 😉 , le plein d'endorphine, de dopamine, vous bougez sur une playlist des plus entrainantes et vous repartez avec une pêche de dingue ! Les équipes sont souriantes, motivantes, et à l'écoute ; sur le plan matériel, top !....des vélos premium, des serviettes à disposition, des douches impeccables.....BRAVO et merci à la SPINBREAK Team !
Cloe Izard
Un studio intimiste et familial, des coachs superbes, attentionnés. Je recommande les yeux fermés!
Aude chtite226
On y entre par curiosité, on y revient pour l'ambiance ! Il est rare d'avoir des coachs aussi bienveillants et aussi motivants qu'ici, qui nous amènent à nous dépasser dans la bonne humeur ! N'ayant pourtant d'habitude pas une grande résistance à l'effort, la musique, le coach et l'effet de groupe font qu'on ne lâche rien "sur-le-ryth-me" ! 😉
Margaret Anne Galvin
After 18 months of post-baby flip flopping between different sporting activities, I have finally found a place that makes working out fun! The facilities are excellent and all the staff are just so kind. (They always greet you by name and with a smile on their face) At Spin Break they have thought of every last detail to make working out a pleasurable experience. Try it once and you will be hooked 🙂
Superbe expérience avec sueur et plaisir assurés ! Un accueil chaleureux, une équipe dynamique et un local bien équipé! Merci !
Denis Lambolez
Y a pas mieux ! 🥳