Here is a light hearted look at some of the great (and challenging) things to know during  your first indoor cycling session!


  • You are going to have a sore bum… But you will continue cycling as if everything was perfect!


  • And yeah…surprise! Your lovely coach kindly tells you that you will be suffering during your next three classes!


  • Your first class will likely feel like it will just never finish…


  • Especially when the coach counts in seconds that feel like long minutes!


  • Don’t be afraid that you are over-doing it…


  • And don’t forget to bring a towel…. We tend to sweat a little during the class!


  • But at the end of it you will feel like you are walking on air, delighted with yourself!


  • And you are already figuring out when you can come for your next class!


  • And the best part? After just a few weeks, you will be discovering your new body!


Swing by in a few days to see what life is like when we are hooked!