1. You have a favourite bike. Everyone knows it. No one will take it! (Shout out to Shanthi 😂 )

2. Even on your push bike, you ride with your heels, your gluts back and with a big smile…

3. Wherever you are, if you hear a song that goes well, you count 5-6-7-8 (on the ry-them)

4. And you say to yourself “ we could do around the world on this part”

5. You have trouble putting anything other than cycling shoes …

6. You can’t do push-ups without peddling

7. You have to force yourself to do another sport from time to time

8. You can’t stop comparing yourself with your neighbour. In secret.

9. Your friends roll their eyes as soon as you start talking about cycling !

10. You have a meeting that you can’t miss with your bike, same hour, same day…