Meet Charles

Meet Charles

  • What is your favourite breakfast?

I’m a big fan of intermittent fasting, so I usually skip breakfast. However if I am extra hungry, I love porridge with honey. My healthy plan is paused on sundays when I go full on family brunch: pancakes, chocolatines, coffee, etc 😜

  • Any tips for staying motivated?

Motivation is a like a muscle. You can’t expect to lift big weights the first time you try. Go for smaller objectives that you can meet. Then it gets easier the more you do it.

  • What are your favourite training exercises?

A good Pilates session with Karyn at the studio! Or a good plank if I’m on my own…

  • The best thing to do after a session is…

Shower! And then enjoy some fun times with family or friends. A nice burger will help in both cases!

  • The sentence that inspires you the most?

Keep going! 

meet Saby

meet Saby


What is your favourite breakfast?

I always start my day with a glass of lemon with warm water to cleanse all the organs. 20 minutes later, I start my breakfast with a black coffee without sugar, cereals without added sugar and grapefruit, or a kiwi, it depends on the season, love to start my day with colours ;).


Any tips to stay motivated? 

Don’t think too much, put on your shoes, and outfit, and go out to relax or let off steam. I also have moments when I don’t feel like moving, especially on Friday after work. But I don’t dwell on this emotion because it’s only temporary. I know that a good session will make me feel even better so I take the time to visualize it and that motivates me to move.


What are your favourite yoga poses?

Malasana (“Garland”) is a beautiful posture that opens the hips and gives a great stretch to the back while toning it.

Supta baddha konasana, the butterfly pose lying on the back, aka the goddess of sleep. There is nothing better to relax the inner thighs, relieve the pelvis, and help you sleep better.

Sirsasana, the headstand on the elbows. Ideal in the morning, it relieves heavy legs, promotes digestion, and boosts the body.

My golden rule when practicing yoga postures: I do not force, I do not suffer.


The best thing to do after a session is…

Take five to ten minutes to settle down, listen to your body, thank yourself, and drink warm water like in Taiwan to rehydrate yourself.


The sentence that inspires you the most.

Ram Dass in Sanskrit means “Be Here Now”.  Be present here and now. It sounds easy, but often the body is there and the mind wanders because we think of millions of things at the same time. The idea of this Mantra is to let go, be fully present, and listen, without judgment.

meet Gaby

meet Gaby


What is your favourite breakfast?

For breakfast, I prefer a meal rich in vitamins and minerals, a real fuel for the day: fruit, nuts, and oatmeal


Any advice on how to stay motivated?

There’s nothing like projecting yourself towards the indescribable feeling of well-being experienced after a real effort! It’s what keeps us going and motivated!


What are your favourite reno exercises?

A personalized ab workout that I’ve concocted for myself over the years


The best thing to do after a session is…

Take a long hot shower to relax the muscles and a good comforting meal (… and fatty!)


The phrase that inspires you the most.

“Learn the rules like a professional so you can break them like an artist”

Meet Geraldine

Meet Geraldine

What is your favourite breakfast?

In the morning I like to start my day with a little de gourmand like honey pancakes with skyr mix blueberries and shredded coconut. Something to keep me well chilled until the next meal 😉!


Any advice on how to stay motivated?

On a day when I don’t feel motivated to train or coach, I avoid overthinking and just go for it. When I have (unpleasant) tasks to do, I start them right away, so I don’t procrastinate by putting myself in front of Netflix for example.


Your favourite exercises?

Joker, there are way too many! I like to vary my workouts by combining several activities and methods (Pilates, stretching, strength training, yoga…). I don’t think I can choose what I like best; in my opinion, everything compliments each other and the best way to workout is to listen to yourself and do what you like best 😉


The best thing to do after a session is…

First, it’s essential to take a moment to calm down and get your energy down. Then, I would say take a nice shower and enjoy a good meal to get going again afterward 🙂


The phrase that inspires you the most.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi


Understanding some of the science behind spinning !

Understanding some of the science behind spinning !

We know we feel better after spinning. If we are regular, we start seeing the changes in our body. But why?

Well, to understand it better, we decided to share with you a little of the science behind it all.

Aghhh… science??! Don’t worry, it is really interesting, and I promise, the next time you are on the bike, you will want to crank it up a little more !

Starting with the basics

When we push hard and work our muscles, they break down. The body reacts to this process by rebuilding them bigger and stronger than they were before.

If we want to get better at a sport or improve our training, we need to build more efficient muscles. To do this, we need to push them harder than they are used to working… in other words, we ‘overload’ them beyond their comfort zones.

The post-spinning ‘recovery’ period

The body requires a lot of energy to rebuild the muscles. After a big Spinbreak workout, our body will work harder than normal for a couple of days- burning more calories as it refuels and repairs. This is why consistent spinning will help to increase your normal rate of metabolism.

But why do we feel we get more out of spinning than other sports?

It is simple- the muscles we work during a cycling program are the largest in the body. We also work multiple ones at the same time.

The bigger the muscles worked, and the more muscle groups used, the larger the effect on the metabolism. That leads to the good news: the more calories burned! Not just during the workout, but in the hours and days after it… Remember: the body takes time to repair and build new muscle.

What muscles are we using?

The main muscle groups used are: the quads, the gluts, the calves, and the core: these are amongst the largest and strongest muscles in the body. Add to this the hamstrings and our core stabilizers, and you have a very active workout.

I want one more layer of detail!

Good! Remember that we “overload” muscles to build them. Spinning takes it a step further than the average sport, because it manages this overload in a very dynamic way: each class is full of different moves and sequences which consistently work lots of different muscles.

For example, during a super-slow, you crank up the resistance for a long, steep climb during which you move to a more anaerobic heart rate, and your fast-twitch muscles fibres (those quick to get tired) get a special workout- which helps you develop fast action advantage- important if you suddenly need to sprint.

Once at the top of the ‘hill’, you release the resistance and pedal faster. At this point, you drop back into an aerobic-level heart rate, and your slow-twitch muscle fibers (those which are slower to get tired) get developed, which helps develop your endurance, allowing you to go further without getting so tired.

All this, while at the same time, pushing your cardio vascular system to healthy new levels!

A couple of classes a week will guarantee you results in terms of fat loss and will increase your leg and core strength… as well as help you see huge improvements in your levels of cardio.

Indoor Cycling at Spinbreak isn’t just about having a fun time; now you know PART of the reason you feel so great! Book your next session- and crank it up each time you come J