Using the revolutionary RealRyder bikes, the Spinbreak cycling concept is really unique.
The bikes tilt from side to side, ensuring a dynamic and fun cardio workout, while you pedal to the rhythm of amazing music! 

Benefits include: 
‣ The full body cardio workout helps you shape, tone, muscle or reduce any part of your body
‣  It is non-impact, so anyone can do it
‣  It is a highly effective: a 45 minute session can burn on average 500-900 calories
‣ Each class is unique: different moves synch with a motivating playlist and creates the perfect balance between cardio workout, core strengthening, and time to switch off and de-stress!

Check out the class timetables here.



The RealRyder® bikes are truly unique. The front of the bikes tilt from side to side by 20 degrees, so the cycling sessions are much more realistic, natural and fun.

The way we pedal to the music on the bikes allow us to work our core muscles all the time, which leads to a perfect full body workout, without any impact on our joints and muscles... And to top it off, we burn on average 20% more calories than on a fixed bike!