Meet Saby

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What is your favourite breakfast?

I always start my day with a glass of lemon with warm water to cleanse all the organs. 20 minutes later, I start my breakfast with a black coffee without sugar, cereals without added sugar and grapefruit, or a kiwi, it depends on the season, love to start my day with colours ;).


Any tips to stay motivated? 

Don’t think too much, put on your shoes, and outfit, and go out to relax or let off steam. I also have moments when I don’t feel like moving, especially on Friday after work. But I don’t dwell on this emotion because it’s only temporary. I know that a good session will make me feel even better so I take the time to visualize it and that motivates me to move.


What are your favourite yoga poses?

Malasana (“Garland”) is a beautiful posture that opens the hips and gives a great stretch to the back while toning it.

Supta baddha konasana, the butterfly pose lying on the back, aka the goddess of sleep. There is nothing better to relax the inner thighs, relieve the pelvis, and help you sleep better.

Sirsasana, the headstand on the elbows. Ideal in the morning, it relieves heavy legs, promotes digestion, and boosts the body.

My golden rule when practicing yoga postures: I do not force, I do not suffer.


The best thing to do after a session is…

Take five to ten minutes to settle down, listen to your body, thank yourself, and drink warm water like in Taiwan to rehydrate yourself.


The sentence that inspires you the most.

Ram Dass in Sanskrit means “Be Here Now”.  Be present here and now. It sounds easy, but often the body is there and the mind wanders because we think of millions of things at the same time. The idea of this Mantra is to let go, be fully present, and listen, without judgment.