Objective: Happiness! Step #4 : Choose Happy

Objective: Happiness! Step #4 : Choose Happy

Sadly, it seems normal these days to feel stressed for most of our day. ‘Stress’ is what drives many of our thoughts and behaviours. And responsibilities- like work, family, home- each play a part in us continually feeling stressed.

How can we step back from this?

• First: understand that this does not have to be ‘normal’

• Second: know that thoughts can be changed ! 

Intention is the key to this transformation . 

Make the decision to be happy

You will then start observing all your ‘normal’ stressed thoughts. Then it is simple: you can just decide to ignore them! Don’t forget, these thoughts never make your life better, so feel free to just push them to the side! 

Have you noticed that if you surround yourself with happy people, the happy spreads and everyone feels the positive energy around us ?

Just like in a spin room ! Sport releases our happy endorphins… Spinning helps your mind and body create a new happy place. You ALWAYS feel better after your cycling session for a reason…so go book your next ride now and come and make more HAPPY!

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Objective: Happiness! Step #3 : New Habits

Objective: Happiness! Step #3 : New Habits

To do : Remove an old habit, and start a new one.

Old habits are not automatically worth continuing. This challenge is a good chance to find one habit you would be happy to stop.  

Stopping something you are used to doing can be difficult. This is why, at the same time, it is great to start a new habit to replace it. Its worth knowing that new habits bring new energy, new friends, and new ways of thinking and reacting. 

So with that in mind, think “Objective Happiness”. What is an old habit you want to say goodbye to ? What will you replace it with ?

We know some of our members are giving up smoking at the moment. Bravo! What is helping them ? Seeing the progress they are making when they come cycling. Better cardio, better breathing, better mood ; less conscious of eating more… There are lots of benefits ! The results of your new habit will help you crack the dependency you have on your old one… Give it a try!

If we can help your motivation levels, let us know.  We are all sharing the same objective, and a road travelled together is always more fun !

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Prepare for Ski Season… with Indoor Cycling!

Prepare for Ski Season… with Indoor Cycling!

The snow season is finally around the corner! But how can we get fit and make the most out of skiing down the slopes?

Your enjoyment of the slopes is all down to your level of fitness. The fitter you are, the more fun you will have and the faster you will improve. 

Why? Because skiing is an intensely physical sport!

Yes, we can all feel fit in our normal everyday environment. BUT, add a big mountain, thinner air, crisp cold, and a lot of cardio efforts, our bodies will always get tired faster.

What’s the solution? As with most other sports, we can improve so much thanks to Indoor Cycling!

But why? It helps you in so many ways- from building stamina to reinforcing your core muscles. But that’s not all! Since it is a non-impact sport, there is very little chance of missing the season because of an injury you got while doing another sport!

More why’s:

Aches and Muscles

Ski: The afternoons and the days-after we start skiing, what aches the most are our core muscles and legs, which is what we need the most when shredding through snow.

Spin: When we pedal at Spinbreak, the muscles we use the most are in the legs and our core.  The more we work them, the more agile we become on the slopes. 

We also activate these muscles faster which helps us maintain speed and balance, allowing you to do more fun and crazier slopes. 

Action and Cardio

Ski: You have periods of intense activity while you are skiing which is followed by downtime when you recover- either waiting for the lifts, or enjoying the amazing views. 

Spin: Sprints during our routines are the best way to prepare you for sudden outbursts of energy.  

-Have you tired our “anaerobic” classes? They incorporate fast cardio work in a way that promotes fast recovery rates. Ask us to coordinate an anaerobic class to fit with your schedule! 

-Our regular aerobic classes promotes improved breathing and better use of the different muscle groups.

-Our endurance classes will work each muscle group in more depth- and build your overall stamina and endurance rates.

Whichever class you do, they all incorporate great cardio which helps improve your lung capacity- helping you stay motivated and happily skiing 😉 

Mobility and flexibility

Ski: You need to be as flexible as possible to avoid injuries… A good range of motion improves your coordination, use of muscles and alignment of your nervous system- all of which helps manage each sport session. 

Spin: The build up of mobility happens thanks to the different positions- in ‘clmbing, ‘running’, ‘super-slow’, and ‘left and right in break it down’… And of course, the stretches at the end of the class make sure our muscles are rested and relaxed after each effort…  

Thanks to spin, you can enjoy every minute on the slopes!

Spin is also an excellent partner to running. More on this match made in heaven here

Objective: Happiness! Step #2 : Music!

Objective: Happiness! Step #2 : Music!

Music has an immense power over our emotions : it reminds us of memories, it can make us laugh and cry…

When it comes to sport, it plays a very important role: it motivates us, and helps push us passed our limits to become HAPPY during our physical efforts.

How does music make us happy? It is simple! It creates waves of energy which releases endorphins in our brain.

On top of that, when we are in the spin room, we can sing to our hearts content ( even if we get it wrong, no one can hear us…so next time let go and enjoy it! )

The neuroscience behind music has shown us that when we sing, the neurotransmitters connect in a different way: the right part of our brain activates and starts emitting endorphins. Singing in a group dynamic amplifies this result, and as an added bonus helps us reduce anxiety and stress.

Yet another reason to let go and enjoy the benefits of both music and spinning!

So… Objective #2 : listen to music (turn the sound UP!), sing (loudly!) and enjoy the sport!!

For more information on the importance of music during a spinning session, read our blog post on how Sandrine puts together the amazing playlists we all enjoy so much!

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Objective: Happiness! Step #1 : Wake up your endorphins!

Objective: Happiness! Step #1 : Wake up your endorphins!

Join our challenge to create “More Happiness in 2019!”

At the beginning of every year, we always gravitate towards making ‘resolutions’: either to give up bad habits, start new ones, improve others… We all hope that the New Year will be better and happier than the one that just finished.

But the truth is: it is up to US to make our own happiness. Its not something that will just come to us by chance.

It is something that we must decide on and commit to. In fact, it is the way we think and react that directly affects our level of happiness.

Instead of creating a list of ‘resolutions’ (which we will never stick to)- how about this year we simply commit to being happier?

Our objective at Spinbreak is your wellness. We always feel on top form after a session at the studio; so now we want to help you focus on feeling Happy.

For the rest of the month, we will be sharing habits that will help each of us become happier, more peaceful, and full of positive vibes.

The first good habit to create is simple: do sport 2 times a week.

Many studies have proven that doing sport increases the production of endorphins- also knows as happiness hormones. Sport also helps stimulate the production of others wellness hormones, such as dopamine.

Doing sport also makes us feel better about our body: we tone our muscles, our skin breathes better, we improve our complexion… Feeling good in your skin plays a big part in your general happiness.

So: join us this month, and for the rest of this year, for our challenge for “More Happiness in 2019!”

Spinbreak is our happy place. We hope it will become yours too.

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Your 8 Rules to stay motivated!

Your 8 Rules to stay motivated!

To go to a class or to cancel… That is the question!

We all need to take a break from time to time… its normal! But when we get to the point where we cancel more often than we go maybe it is time for a little motivation boost.

Here are 8 quick pointers to help guide you the next time you’re tempted to cancel!

1. What would I say to my best friend?

“GO! You always feel great after it!”

Follow the tips you would give to someone close to you. You are invested in their well-being, and this helps you step outside of your current state and will get you motivated again.

2. The hardest thing is going.

Once you are in the studio, you just need to follow the coach. You will be motivated by the group energy, and you will give it your best. You will feel great after the session.

3. No one ever regrets going.

Au contraire! You leave proud, filled with energy, happy, stronger and more positive… What more can you ask for?!

4. Think of the workout you will miss out on… and being able to catch up with your fellow Spinbreakers… We will miss you!

5. Choose manageable goals you want to achieve during in each workout: add a bit more resistance, go a bit faster in downhill, stretch a bit further…

6. Ask your coach to do a specific class because you just LOVE the playlist… and sing along during the workout 😉

7. Remember all the effort and progress you have made so far…You rock… Stay at it!

8. Think of the comfort after the effort. You’ll feel much less guilty enjoying your aperitif when you know you’ve just burned between 500 and 800 calories!

So…now go book your class and stick to it! See you soon 🙂


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